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Central Of The King || Splicer Sumitomo

13 Desember 2018 13:58 | dibaca 38 kali

Splicer Sumitomo Z1c
Fusion Splicer Sumitomo Z1c Sumitomo Z1c Fusion Splicer has a combined heating cycle time of only Approx. 28 seconds (60mm Fiber protective sleeve) and the splice cycle is only Approx.7 seconds (Fast mode), Sumitomo Z1C dramatically increases connection and productivity efficiency, reducing labor time and costs while improving project and customer service. The 4.1-inch Z1C LCD monitor with touch screen operation makes it possible to confirm fiber images easily. Splicer can be operated by touching the icon on the screen. Work efficiency has increased. Sumitomo Z1C has environmental protection equivalent to IP52 resistant to water and dust. Also has anti-shock rubber around the engine to protect the splicer from falling. Designed for portability, precision, reliability and speed connection - without sacrificing purchasing power Z1C splicers are ideal for connecting applications at head office or head ends, feeder parts from FTTx networks where speed in high fiber applications is very important, and on terminals that lead to the last drop to a place or house.

Semua Barang kami Bergaransi Resmi dan Harga pun
Relatif Murah.
- Bebas biaya antar untuk wilayah Tangerang, Jakarta, dan Depok
- Menerima Pengiriman Luar Kota maupun Luar jawa
- Barang yang kami jual NEW 100% dan bergaransi resmi.
- Dapatkan harga special untuk pembelian lebih dari 2 Unit.
Kami pun menerima REPAIR semua macam merk SPLICER, OTDR, Site Master dan alat TELKOM lainnya.
Contact Person :
Heni Bahar
Office :
Jl. Hartono Raya, Modernland Tangerang 15117
Telp / HP : - (021) 55782056 57 (Ext.105)
- 082377619971 ( WA )
Fax : (021) 55782058
E_Mail :
Web : /

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